Our Mission


Our mission is to promote pollinator-friendly solar gardens and to help establish a national standard for honey produced in solar gardens--Solar Honey.  The Solar Honey Company encourages beekeepers across the United States to form partnerships with solar developers committed to pollinator-friendly locations and to create Solar Honey products. Promoting the Solar Honey brand, we believe, will encourage public support of sustainable solar energy and help create healthy habitats for bees and other pollinators. 

We will license the Solar Honey trademark to beekeepers who commit to abide by our reasonable standards and to pay a modest annual fee.  A percentage of profits from licensing proceeds go towards encouraging the creation of more pollinator friendly habitat, promotion of solar gardens, and educating beekeepers and the community about the importance of local beekeeping.

Finding healthy habitat for bees can be a challenge. Pollinator-friendly solar arrays are perfect environments for an on-site or nearby apiary. Solar Honey ensures the productive use of farmland by stacking multiple benefits — clean solar energy, pollinator-friendly habitat, and local beekeeping — into each site.  This tri-fecta only has positive repercussions.