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Throughout the United States, utility companies are being required to have a percentage of the electricity they produced be from solar power. (link). Developers are receiving pushback from the local community who do not want the traditional, obstructive, and unattractive solar arrays with turf grass or gravel being built in their backyards.

Solar Honey promotes stacking multiple community benefits into solar array sites.

By co-locating an apiary with a pollinator friendly solar array, the community is receiving a beautiful garden that produces a tangible sweet product.  The licensure will certify the honey product being produced by the beekeeper is from a pollinator-friendly solar array.




Bees are vital to the survival of agriculture…and the human race. Global food supply depends upon bees. Seventy of the top one hundred crops, which comprise 90% of the world’s nutrition, need bees to pollinate them[i]. Bees, however, are dying at an alarming rate[ii].  Pollinator-friendly  solar gardens help create healthy habitat for the bees. 

The $250 licensure will grant the beekeeper access to many benefits:

1. A sample contract to use when forming an agreement with a solar developer. The common arrangement is that the beekeeper receives money for both apiary placement and the selling of Solar Honey. 

2. Permission to use the Solar Honey LogoTM for one year. 

3. Recognition on website for being a supplier of Solar Honey




The community will  benefit by having access to clean solar energy from a beautiful solar garden. They will be assisting in preventing the decline of healthy bee habitat. In addition, Solar Developers often provide their solar subscribers and local community with certified Solar Honey.